Claudio Inove

Beauty Therapist

Background & Education:

Three main principles have influenced Claudio's career choices: (1) an entrepreneurial spirit, (2) his personal view of business as the best way to positively change society and (3) a deep belief in people’s development.

By living and working in various countries across Europe, Latin American, the Middle East, he was able to develop a profound understanding of how people’s appearance attract in different cultures and build a truly international career in Services, Image, Licensing, and Media.

Today, as licensed Beauty Therapist and an Artist by heart, his role as the vision artist is to prepare our group for the future by promoting a culture of creativity, developing talented people, investing in promising entrepreneurs and companies, and building an ecosystem that will allow Artists to prosper and our people to fulfill their purpose.  He is always on the look out for opportunities and efficiencies both within the group and outside that will strengthen the work he has started in his field of Beauty.


He believes in strong professional ethics and integrity. Any form of art is his savior. He plays the guitar and plays almost any and every instrument (at least he tries).