Ana Rita Schmitz

Ana Rita Rossi Schmitz, Beauty and Laser Therapist

She is a Beauty Therapist trained in a wide variety of cosmetic procedures. Originally from Brazil - Sao Paolo, she earned her Beauty Therapist degree from Ibeco and Payot Institutes, Brazil's acclaimed aesthetic training centers.

Ana Rita is also an NCLC certified (National Council of Laser Certification), Internationally recognized accrediting board monitoring competencies in all areas of laser education. Ana's certificate is accreddited in the state of Florida and Texas, USA.

Ana's extensive experience in aesthetics has given her expertise skin and body rejuvenation. She is an experienced provider of skin cleansing.

Ana has been extensively trained by dermatologist treating all skin types and ethnicities, as well as a wide-range of dermatological conditions and concerns such as acne, rosacea and melasma