Dr Fabian Has Blaschke

Dr. Fabian Blaschke

Consultant Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Blaschke´s medical career spans 30 years, and it covers many countries of the world. He is a graduate of Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich, Germany, where he received his doctorate as well. 


He is a Consultant General Surgeon from the Bavarian and a Plastic Surgeon from the Hamburg Medical Council, Germany. Dr. Blaschke has been working in his own clinic in Hamburg and in cosmetic surgical centres in London. Over the past years he has branched out into medical tourism in Limassol, Cyprus. Seven years ago he started establishing a Plastic Surgical service in Abu Dhabi. 


Dr Blaschke is a member of the German ( DGPRAEC), the Cypriot (CYSPRAS) and the International society of Plastic surgeons (ISAPS), the latter only being open to surgeons with a proven record in aesthetic surgery. Dr Blaschke´s multiple international contacts allow him immediate access to any new developments in his field, and he regularly shares his experience with his colleagues at international meetings.